For the year 2024, Ahroma Specialty Coffee has pledged 20% of all profits on Ahroma coffee products to The Bucket Ministry. The Bucket Ministry’s mission is “to provide clean, safe, drinking water and the Living Water to families living in under-resourced areas around the world.”

How Many People Need Access to Clean Water?

According to the World Health Organization, in 2022, 2.2 billion people (or 27% of the world population) did not have full access to safely managed drinking-water services.

Of those without full access, the WHO reports that there are: 

  • 1.5 billion people with basic services, meaning an improved water source located within a round trip of 30 minutes;
  • 292 million people with limited services, or an improved water source requiring more than 30 minutes to collect water;
  • 296 million people taking water from unprotected wells and springs; and
  • 115 million people collecting untreated surface water from lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

How Do The Bucket Ministry Water Filtration Kits Work?

The Bucket Ministry provides filtered drinking water using Sawyer PointONE Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter, which can be attached to buckets and bottles to remove 99.99% of contaminants from water. A single filter can “effectively remove all bacteria, parasites, protozoa, cysts, eggs, and other harmful particulates from unclean drinking water, down to 0.1 micron in size, for over twenty years or one-million gallons.” The filters are simple to maintain, and are attached to 5-gallon buckets for for daily use.

What Is the Bucket Ministry’s 2024 Mission in Kawangare?

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In the past, The Bucket Ministry has focused their attention on providing access to filtered drinking water to families in Kibera, and plans to complete its work in Kibera by the end of 2024. This year, The Bucket Ministry has begun assessing the neighboring slum of Kawangare, which is home to 150,000 families and 10 distinct tribes. The Bucket Ministry estimates that 700,000 total people currently live in Kawangare, and reports that their current water source is a local spring and borehole. Read more about the Kawangare Campaign.

How to Help

The cost to provide a single family with access to a Sawyer water filter kit is $53. You can donate to the Bucket Ministry directly through their website.

As part of Ahroma Specialty Coffee’s pledge to support the Bucket Ministry, 20% of our profits from coffee sales have been promised to the Bucket Ministry this year. Our goal is to raise enough to supply 750 buckets in 2024. You can help us meet our goal anytime you pick up a bag of Ahroma Specialty Coffee.