“Chicory Coffee” is actually a misnomer! 

Chicory is one kind of plant and coffee is a totally different plant. Coffee is a roasted bean or “seed” inside the fruit (called a cherry) of the coffee plant while chicory is the root of a flowering plant. When roasted, chicory is often blended with coffee, but it can also be brewed alone in water. Either way, it appears dark like coffee.

Chicory has been used as a coffee substitute for centuries and is often referred to as “New Orleans coffee.” The root of the chicory plant is roasted until dark and chopped, making a coffee-like substance. It is a naturally caffeine-free herb, with claims of various health benefits, and it has an interesting history. In addition to its lower caffeine content and great taste, chicory has a high amount of inulin. This prebiotic soluble carbohydrate might help improve gut health, reduce cholesterol, and control blood sugar. There are many studies and claims, which we encourage you to check out online. One is that using a partial amount of chicory with your coffee intake will calm the spike that caffeine causes in the body and allow for a longer but a more even lift to your day. So drinking it in the evening is not recommended unless you desire to remain alert into the wee hours of the night!    


How Much Chicory Do You Recommend Mixing with Coffee?

Typically, use about 2/3 regular ground coffee and 1/3 chicory, and see how you like the flavor and caffeine content. If you would like more caffeine, just use less chicory. Brew as usual, in a French press, drip coffee maker, etc.  

We like to blend the chicory with our dark roasts, such as Ahroma Coffee House Blend or Ahroma French Roast.

For a completely caffeine-free, all-chicory drink, brew 1/2 tablespoon Ahroma 100% Chicory per 1 cup of water, just as you would brew Ahroma coffee. Since chicory is more soluble in water than coffee grounds, you can use less when brewing it straight, compared to traditional coffee.

If desired, add 1/2 cup warm milk or a plant-based milk-alternative. (For iced coffee, chill first or pour over ice before adding milk.)

Sweeten with a pump of Italian syrup or sauce, or use 1 teaspoon of honey, maple syrup, sugar, or alternative sweetener if desired. Sprinkle with a dash of spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg, or drizzle with chocolate or caramel sauce.

Get creative! Check out Davinci, Torani, or Monin syrups and sauces on our website!  Share your recipe on our Ahroma Specialty Coffee Facebook page or on Instagram!

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