Ahroma Coffee is pleased to announce a unique partnership with Johanna Amador and “Los Cielitos” farm in Northern Nicaragua. Los Cielitos is a small family farm –about 10 hectares- that grows specialty grade coffee at elevations between 1300-1760 meters above sea level. “Los Cielitos” means “the little skies” because you feel like you can almost touch the sky!

Johanna, as woman owner and entrepreneur, leads all farm activities in the small plantation with great joy and determination. She leads by example, often working side by side–from planting, weeding, harvesting and much more–she’s right there with her crew. The coffee variety is called “Catuai” and Joanna works very hard to produce high quality flavorful coffee. Some of the improvements to the plantation inclue the creation of new access routes, installation of sustainable solar electricity, and soil analysis to determine the fertilizer requirements and other specific parameters of the plantation. These improvements have created a sustainable, ethical, and resource efficient environment.

Johanna said, “We are thankful for this new opportunity to sell some of our beans to Ahroma Specialty Coffee, and through them, to offer our coffee for the enjoyment of the people of Nebraska and the rest of U.S.A.” Johanna and her family strongly believe that being strategic in the way they grow coffee at the small farm in Nicaragua has a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the communities where production is occurring. This is often the case in many countries where the livelihood of its citizens relies on agriculture. These practices enhance the drinking experience of customers around the globe. Johanna continues, “Connecting directly to customers through partnerships like this one allows us to have a better chance to improve our small farm, continue producing high quality coffee, offering employment opportunities for the rural communities nearby and hopefully opening the doors for educational opportunities for the farm helpers in the future. If you have the chance to try it, we are sure that you will enjoy it”.

Joanna participated in the Cup of Excellence Competition, which is the most prestigious international coffee competition around. This year within the Nicaraguan national bracket, about 350 producers submitted micro-lot coffee samples, and from there, judges pre-selected the top 100. The final stage includes the top 30 selections of that process, which included Los Cielitos.

Because of its small size and hand-crafted production, Los Cielitos Estate is very limited this year. It will be only available as long as supply lasts.

Even though we are a half a world apart, Ahroma Specialty Coffee and Los Cielitos have much in common–both were started and owned by women, built from the ground up. Both women have worked many roles in their company, and both of have paved a path in the coffee business. Each owner strives to be sustainable in their companies’ use of resources, utilizing using solar electricity in their production processes. Both Ahroma Coffee and Los Cielitos have enjoyed the support of family, and share common values. It is a privilege to work with Johanna and we hope her dreams will be fulfilled for her little farm and staff.

A portion of Ahroma profits will be given back to assist with educational and charitable efforts in the La Unión, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua.

Additional information can be found at Los Cielitos, Nicaragua 2021 – 86.21 – Cup of Excellence Farm Directory.

Cupping Notes:

  • Processing System – Washed
  • Variety Catuai Rojo,Catuai Amarillo
  • Overall notes: Bright, Overall Sweet, Sparkling, Sweet, Sweet herb
  • Aroma / Flavor: Chocolate , Orange , Sweet , Citrus Fruit, Cocoa, Complex, Floral, Fruity, Nut, Butter
  • Acidity: Orange , Plum , Citrus, Honeydew