No celebration is complete without snacks!  Let us help you put together a combination of delicious chocolate, gourmet trail mixes, nuts, and freshly roasted coffee for your next event!  Use our stackable tubs or fun food filled basket for a centerpiece. Just open and enjoy!

Gift baskets are an impressive gift for every occasion. We start with a simple but decorative basket (basket styles will vary) and load it up with a variety of treats.  Great for an office party, client gift, or family gathering, our gift baskets have something that everyone will enjoy.  Filled with our tastiest, most popular items, they are wrapped in shiny cellophane and topped off with a bright bow.


For Custom Orders (Minimum of 10 Baskets):

We can include your promotional item, company mug, or other items you provide in gift baskets. Want something special? We can customize your basket from our complete selection of packaged goods. We can ship it directly to each recipient along with your personalized greeting. Perfect for corporate events and small-businesses. Minimum of 10 baskets per custom order please. Contact us for a quote.