A family-owned company, we began roasting in small batches in 1997 in a mini storage unit in the Midwest before great coffee was understood. Our mission was, and still is, to provide you with the best tasting cup of coffee you can find, and to make it easily accessible.

We have become your “one stop shop” for all your coffee shop supplies, with competitive pricing, personal service, and a wide selection of menu products to support your coffee business.  


At Ahroma Specialty Coffee we believe that everyone deserves to experience the richness that only Specialty grade coffee can provide.

Specialty coffee is more than just an Arabica bean. It is a bean that has been tested in cupping to pass an exceptionally high flavor grade. Only then is it determined to be “Specialty Grade” coffee. Our unique partnerships with small family farms give us access to this top 5% of all coffee grown in the world.

We source single origin beans from around the world and blend them into delicious espresso and signature blends. These beans come from mostly one to three-acre family farms, who do not have the resources to participate in certified programs such as Fair Trade or Organic. The farmers pick the dense, flavorful green coffee beans grown high up on the mountainside, selling them to cooperatives. These “co-ops” own the mills that have equipment to remove the cherry and pulp from the seed (bean). These small family farms are the major contributors to the Specialty Coffee industry, from which our small batch Ahroma coffee is made, by our small family business.  Your daily cup of coffee that starts your morning is what makes this cycle of work and life go round!

We always source the freshest crop, and do not use “past crop” as some roasters do. It may raise their margins, but these beans decrease flavor and increase defects. Our Specialty Grade green coffee beans are current crop, and carefully roasted 30 to 60 pounds at a time, developing each bean to its full potential.

Our artisian-style roasting employs all five senses rather than computerized artificial intelligence, to develop the coffee to its fullest flavor.  From humidity and temperature, to the density and moisture content of the beans, we know what just a few seconds can do to the consistency of a roast profile. Only by using sight, smell, sound, and temperature (touch), can the beans be roasted accurately each time. And of course, the fifth sense of taste is the final test. Gotta Have My Ahroma Therapy!

Freshly roasted daily, we know coffee peaks in flavor at about day 4 and begins to deteriorate gradually after that. The whole bean retains fresh flavor longer, but when you grind the coffee, you can smell the delicious flavor escaping!  


Inhale deeply, take a sip and “Discover the Ah in Ahroma”!