Mountain Cider Concentrate


64 fluid ounces

Mountain Cider is pure Vermont grown spiced apple cider in a concentrated, easy to use, shelf stable form. A fresh, hot (or cold!) cup of cider is as easy as adding 1oz of concentrate to 6oz water! And don’t be put off by the “concentrate”; this product is full of home-grown flavor! Even our in-house barista was impressed! Add cinnamon syrup or caramel sauce for additional flavor, top with whipped cream if desired. Serve hot OR cold, an excellent addtion to your menu! Kids love it, and with no additives or colors, it is like giving them an apple to eat! Each jug yields 64-1oz servings. This highly concentrated Mountain Apple Cider contains no preservatives, takes up very little counter space, and will last months without refrigeration!  An excellent treat for the entire office to enjoy! (pump sold separately)

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