Equipment and Training For Independent Coffee Shop Owners

At Ahroma Specialty Coffee, our goal is to provide not only the freshest and best tasting coffee at a competitive price, but also to be here to answer questions and equip you in any way necessary. We strive to be a one-stop shop for your convenience. From coffee and syrups to blender drinks and chai, we aim to help you with all of your menu needs.

In addition to products, did you know we can help you source equipment and that we offer free training?  We’ve had customers spend thousands of dollars on “experts” to train them and their staff, not knowing that we do it at no charge for our partners who use Ahroma Specialty Coffee. After over 25 years in the coffee world, we understand the nuts and bolts from coffee roasting to pulling espresso shots and creating luxurious drinks! We can give you the tools you need to personalize and create your own menu. We’ll also give you ideas for promoting your store and serving your customers, while still watching your margins. Contact us and ask about our Coffee House Services to get started.

Why Seasonal Menus Appeal to Coffee Customers

To create excitement for your customers who love to try new things, it’s easy to create a seasonal menu with our monthly feature flavor coffees and featured products. Our Annual Flavors plan lets you tailor your menu with simple tweaks – just by adding two or three products or combining the ones you already carry!  We understand the importance of keeping your inventory under control, and your costs down but when you add a little creativity, you can create excitement without breaking the bank.

Recipe Ideas for Coffee Shops

On our recipe page, you’ll see some fun and easy products to make each month. If you want to let your customers know about the monthly featured and flavored coffees, you’ll love the new printable posters and counter cards we are providing at no charge! Follow the link to the Ahroma Coffee tab -Coffee House Services, then scroll to the bottom of that page. If you have a good printer, you can easily print them in-house.  Slip it into a clear frame or attach to the door or wall, and your customers will see your flavor of the month! It’s that simple, and it’s free! If you’d like a complete list of the Annual Flavor plan, use our contact form, or just email us at and we’d be happy to send one to you.