What Coffee Origins does Café Espresso Italiano Use?

So much has been said already about espresso and the origins of this ancient drink that has travelled the world, that I am going to leave all of that history and romance to Google. Instead, let me describe the Ahroma’s dark roasted luxurious blend of three continents. To get the perfect crema and flavor, we blended a full bodied Central American coffee with an African acidity and a South American chocolatey base. Whether brewed or pressed, our espresso blend is a blend for all seasons and all reasons. Extra dark, it is roasted until the oils start to pop off the bean.

How Does Age Affect the Flavor of an Espresso?

At Ahroma Specialty Coffee, we don’t roast it until fully oiled out, but just long enough to bring those internal flavors to the surface. As the roasted bean ages a few more days, it completely blooms into a mouth full of flavor. Of course, you want this bean to arrive fresh and not sit on your shelf for very long because the oils will start to make a bitter flavor over time. We recommend no longer than two weeks on your shelf unless you have it sealed tightly or kept cool.

What Grind Should I Use for Espresso?

Pulling the perfect shot requires timing, pressure, and the correct grind. According to the Restaurant Authority’s step-by-step guide:

The process of pulling an espresso shot begins with whole beans. It’s essential to start with whole beans because the volatile oils that give coffee its flavor begin to dissipate as soon as it’s ground. Once you have your beans, you’ll need to grind them to the appropriate fineness. You’ll then need to dose and tamp the grounds correctly before brewing the shot. Pulling the perfect shot of espresso requires consistency, practice, and patience.

We recommend starting with whole beans to best preserve flavor. If you do not own a grinder, you can also purchase a fine pre-ground option. A fine, uniform grind will help produce a consistent, smooth espresso shot. Homeground’s Julia Bobak has written an excellent article on grind methods and grind consistency, with a handy chart for visually referencing your grind consistency.

How Long Does it Take to Make Espresso?

A 1 oz espresso takes about 17 seconds to make. A double takes about 30 seconds. Golden crema on top and a smooth taste is what the perfect shot is really about. If you want to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, add 6 oz water to a double shot of Ahroma Café Espresso Italiano and turn it into an Americano. Delish!

We’d love to hear your comments about Ahroma’s Café Espresso Italiano blend. Keep in mind that we can customize an espresso blend just for your coffee shop! It’s what we do!