Your Versatile, Go-To Blend

Ahroma Specialty Coffee created our Coffee House Blend for a delicious but versatile blend. It satisfies the needs of the busy coffeeshop owner or manager. With just one product to order and keep in inventory, this blend can be used to create a drip brew, a pour over, and an espresso shot. It can be used in a French press, or soaked overnight for a smooth cold brew.

How To Use Different Grinds

You can choose your preferred grind. Because of the qualities of the coffee in this blend, by changing the grind, you can change the flavor profile. As a coarse grind, steeped slowly overnight, cold brew is deep dark and amazingly smooth. As a fine grind for espresso, the fast shot collects flavor with no bitterness. With a medium grind, it brews nicely to serve in an air pot as your daily house blend.

For more useful information on ways to grind your coffee, see this article in Food and Wine Magazine.

Taste the Balanced Flavor

Coffee House Blend combines the bright acidity of a Central American coffee with the full body of an Indonesian coffee, and the balanced flavors from the South American continent.

We roast it to a perfect dark full city roast, always in small batches, and ship it out fresh so your shop or home can discover the “Ah” in Ahroma!

An In-House Favorite

This Coffee House Blend is the staff favorite at our company, and we have some very astute coffee drinkers in house! Everyone loves it so much, it is often used for our espresso, our daily brew, our cold brew, and even our nitro brew. So speaking from experience, we know how handy this all around blend can be to simplify your life!  We hope you will give it a try as our featured coffee blend this month!