Warmer weather demands colder drinks! 

Warmer weather demands colder drinks! For coffee lovers, this is the season for iced coffee. Start with just a couple of ounces of undiluted Ahroma cold brew over ice, add a dash of milk or cream, and… presto! I’ve got a $6 coffee shop drink made right at home for less than $1, and I didn’t have to waste my time and fuel waiting in a drive-thru.

It’s easy to make Ahroma Coffee at home and take along in my travel mug. If I do this 5 days a week, I can save $100 a month. Also, I can leave home 10 to 15 minutes later since I don’t have to dodge into the drive-thru, allowing me some margin in my morning routine.

Any coffee can be used to make cold brew. For the perfect bold brew, we recommend using a coarse grind of our own Cold Brew Blend. It’s a blend of medium-roasted central-American origin beans with low acidity.

Add a sweet twist to make it just the way you like it!

If I want to sweeten up my drink, I choose a flavor or two from Torani, Monin, or Davinci syrups in regular or sugar free varieties. Personally, I love the fruit flavors in the summer – chocolate sauce and raspberry syrup are a delicious combination. Sometimes I opt for caramel with nuts, usually almond or hazelnut. Occasionally I’ll just add a dash of maple syrup or honey from our homegrown beehives.

I like Ahroma Coffee House Blend since it is a smooth dark roast, with less caffeine than a medium roast. If you want a high voltage drink, try our Jump Start. Experiment with your favorite Ahroma coffee until you get the flavor profile that is right for you!

Cold Brewed Ahroma Coffee concentrate brewing instructions:

  1. Pour your favorite coarsely ground Ahroma Coffee into a container of pure water, or put ground coffee into a cold brew strainer (they work like a giant tea bag) and submerge into water to steep. The ratio of grounds to water is 1 pound of coffee per 1 gallon of water for a bold brew.
  2. Steep overnight at room temperature, approximately 17 hours is perfect!
  3. Filter – If no tea bag is used, pour coffee concentrate over strainer or cheesecloth into clean container. Cover and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. To make nitro brew, pour 3 parts concentrate to 1 part water into a nitro brew keg.
  4. Serve – In a 12 ounce cup, use 1-2 ounces of cold brew with frothed or regular milk and ice, and sweeten as desired.

        Did you know? Cold Brew has more caffeine and is less acidic than regular hot brew!

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