What Flavors Inspired our Christmas Coffee?

Have you ever wished you had a special Christmas coffee drink to serve during the holiday season?

Jingle Bell Java rings in the holiday season every year! A very popular flavor, it is a delicious combination of rum, spices, and caramel. Yum! Ahroma Specialty Coffee believes even flavored coffee should be top quality specialty grade and freshly roasted.

Why Does Ahroma Use Quality Coffee for Flavored Coffee?

When we first started our small batch coffee roasting operation back in 1997, in the mini storage we were renting, we were told “Don’t use higher priced quality coffee for flavored coffee!” We didn’t let that notion stop us – we believe that you can taste the quality, whether it is flavored or not. And the popularity of our flavors has proven just that. Once you taste Ahroma’s flavored coffee, you’ll believe it too!

When Can I Get Jingle Bell Java?

We’ve helped people celebrate with Jingle Bell Java since those early days and it is still popular! You just can’t beat the flavor combination, and even though we don’t advertise this – you can order it year round. But that might make it a little less special for the holidays! As a stocking stuffer or gift, Ahroma’s 8 oz bags are red and gold, already “gift wrapped” and ready to go! If you own a coffee shop, you’ll want to offer this flavor just once a year…and then make them wait for it until next year! Keep some Ahroma 8 oz red gift bags in your shop for retail sales, as your customers will buy them up for serving and gift giving!