What is The People’s City Mission?

The People’s City Mission deserves to be recognized as one of the Lincoln community’s greatest assets. Pastor Tom and the volunteers and staff at the mission are compassionate people, dedicated to helping those in greatest need ones in Lincoln, Nebraska. The mission currently has 300 beds, and often runs out of room on the coldest of days and nights. Here in Nebraska, “cold” can mean subzero temperatures at times, yet the mission will do everything they can to make sure no one is left out in the cold. Their mission is to be a witness for Christ among the poor and homeless, to serve their needs, and to advocate their cause to the community at large.

What Are The People’s City Mission’s Four Core Values?

The People’s City Mission follows these four core values:

  1. Everyone gets respect.
  2. Bring your best every day.
  3. There is no box.
  4. Stay faithful to God.

What started as a small space in downtown Lincoln has grown, through the vision and hard work of Pastor Tom and others, to a facility that has temporary housing, three meals a day, a playground, adult classes, a help center, a medical clinic, and more. That is what we call an asset to our community!

Our Pledge to the Mission

Ahroma Specialty Coffee was given the amazing privilege of partnering with the People’s City Mission several years ago. Being selected as their custom roaster, we pledged to also give back enough to purchase a meal for every bag of Mission Bean coffee sold. That means that every time you buy a bag, you are donating a meal to the neediest people in our community.

No one can count how many lives have been impacted for good with the People’s City Mission working in our city. Ahroma Coffee’s own mission, impacting people for good, is why we believe in what the Mission is doing, and it is why we want to help. We hope you will come along side of us in 2024 and help us increase awareness of what our local Mission is doing. You can support them financially, with your time, with your talents, with your donations of clothes and household items, and by choosing Mission Bean as your daily cup of coffee.

Mission Bean’s Goal to Provide More Meals 2024

In the past, we have provided about three meals a day through our Mission Bean project. Our goal for 2024 is to double our impact to 6 meals per day or 2,190 bags sold. Will you help us? Watch for it on sale this February, available in Regular or Dark Roast at some local Lincoln grocers, or online here at www.runutsco.com, and help us impact others for good.