Brazilian coffee, sourced directly from Monte Carmelo nestled in the Cerrado Region of southeastern Brazil, specifically the Minas Gerais Estate, is a true gem in the world of coffee. Let’s delve into the exquisite details of this coffee variety, renowned for its mild flavor, versatility in blends, and suitability for various roast levels.

The Caturra Variety – A Flavorful Delight

Monte Carmelo boasts a unique variety of coffee known as Caturra. This particular type of coffee offers a mild, well-balanced flavor profile, which enhances its adaptability in a range of coffee blends and different roast styles. This versatility is what makes Brazilian coffee a favorite among coffee aficionados.

The Ideal Climate and Soil

One of the reasons Monte Carmelo produces exceptional coffee lies in its ideal climate. Tropical summer days coupled with dry winters create the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation in this low mountainous region. The soil, rich and deep, provides the necessary nutrients for coffee plants to thrive and produce exceptional beans.

The Wet Method – Elevating Quality

The coffee beans from Monte Carmelo go through a meticulous processing method known as the “wet method,” also referred to as “washed” coffee. While this process is more intricate and costly than the dry method, it is reserved for higher-quality coffee, ensuring the final product is nothing short of extraordinary.

Harvest and Selection

At harvest time, the coffee cherries are carefully collected and immersed in water. This step serves to separate the ripe cherries from the unripe ones. Ripe cherries, being denser, sink to the bottom, while unripe ones, being less dense, float to the surface and are subsequently skimmed off.

Pulping and Fermentation

Following the initial selection, the pulp surrounding the beans is meticulously removed using mechanical equipment and fermentation tanks. This process ensures that only the highest-quality beans progress to the next stage.

Hand Sorting for Perfection

Quality control is paramount in producing specialty coffee. To achieve the coveted “specialty grade” rating, the beans undergo multiple rounds of hand sorting to eliminate any defects. This stringent sorting process guarantees that only the finest beans make the cut.

The Sun-Drying Finale

After this rigorous journey, the coffee beans are sun-dried on patios, with dedicated individuals raking them several times a day. This final step, though labor-intensive, is crucial in creating a coffee with a cleaner, less earthy taste and a mild, smooth acidity.

The Monte Carmelo Experience

The result of this meticulous process is the Monte Carmelo bean, known for its substantial size and rich flavor. When you savor this coffee, you’ll discover delightful nutty and sweet notes, with subtle undertones of chocolate. At Ahroma, we recommend roasting Brazilian coffee as a medium roast for a remarkable single-origin experience. Alternatively, it can be roasted to a darker profile for crafting a variety of espresso blends.

In conclusion, Brazilian coffee from Monte Carmelo stands as a testament to the artistry of coffee cultivation and processing. Its mild, versatile character, nurtured by the region’s climate and soil, makes it a prized choice for coffee lovers. The meticulous wet method and rigorous quality control result in a coffee that truly shines. Whether enjoyed as a single-origin brew or as part of an espresso blend, Brazilian coffee from Monte Carmelo promises a delightful and memorable coffee experience.