When is the Next Solar Eclipse?

Celebrate Special Events with Special Coffee – and there is nothing quite as special as the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024!

The last one that we experienced in North America was in 2017, and the next one that we get to experience across the 48 States is not until 2044! (Add 20 years to your life, and to your kids and grandchildren lives to get a perspective on how rare this event is!)  A solar eclipse is caused when the moon covers a part of or all of the sun. The path of the total solar eclipse will stretch from Texas to Maine. Here in Nebraska, we will only experience a partial solar eclipse, beginning at 12:31 p.m. CDT to 3:10 P.m CDT.  Check here to see peak times for your area: Apr 8, 2024 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Nebraska, United States (timeanddate.com)

What Do I Need to Watch the Solar Eclipse?

As you gather to watch this amazing phenomenon, be sure to collect all the supplies you will need. You’ll definitely want proper eye protection for everyone, especially children. Eyes can be damaged or even go blind from looking at the sun. Sunglasses are not sufficient, so either build a DIY pinhole projector box to reflect it, or purchase solar safe eclipse glasses. Get them early while supplies last!

Then pack some snacks and drinks for the viewing! Of course you will want to bring some Ahroma Eclipse Espresso, brewed for the occasion! This light and dark (Get it?) blend of freshly roasted beans is a delicious combination of flavors from five continents.  If you want to drink it cold brewed, be sure to start the night before! (See our blog on how to cold brew Ahroma Coffee.)

Grab a few snacks for your day out. For a sweet treat, try Ahroma Dark Chocolate Espresso Meltaways. For something savory, try a handy pouch Tailgate Trail Mix, and you’ll make a great memory of this solar eclipse. It’s an experience to remember for the next 20 years.

Special Solar Eclipse 2024 Offer

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